The latest Tweets from Sika Liquid Plastics (@LiquidPlastics). Use. 100% Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. Visit us today for the widest range of Building & Construction products. These products enhance specific properties of the fresh or hardened material, such as workability, durability, or early and final strength. For a water and damp proof finish, apply the ready to use thin layer Sika Damp-proofing Slurry coating. But could I use SikaflexFC in the wall/wall and wall/floor joins, - as long as I don't stick the waterproofing tape to it? I know the membrane will stick to sika (while not to silicone). It is specifically intended for non-moving joints. Cementitious Waterproofing. Just by scanning the Sika Product Barcode customers can access product information along with uses and benefits. WALL AND FLOOR JOINTS Pt. Waterproofing. When mixed with Sika 1 Waterproofer Liquid Admixture it produces part of a complete structural waterproofing system for walls. A tunnel can either be sealed all-around with a waterproofing membrane (Fig. Important Recommendations Minimum ambient and substrate temperature +8 C. 21. Our family-owned business supplies a wide range of products for homes and commercial establishments in Sydney. We have a exclusive range of granite, marble, tiles, sandstone, lime stone and slate, laminated wooden flooring and waterproofing. Never apply more than 4 kg/m2 to the Sika philosophy. I think Sikatite is going to be the best product to use given it can be applied to damp surfaces. The building was created using the architectural concept of a ‘Chinese-Lantern’ and this distinctive shape is highlighted by the innovative design of its roof and external walls. Swellstop has excellent adhesion to clean, dry concrete. High UV resistant liquid applied membrane. Sika waterproofing products are most popular in United States, Singapore, and Czech Republic. is headquartered in Beirut - Lebanon, with a local laboratory, liquid mixer, warehouse, sales & marketing facilities across Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Use: Designed for use in all flowing screed and Self Compacting Concrete requirements. Sika® Dilatec® tapes are flexible, ready to use, waterproofing and sealing tapes, made of bitumen resistant PVC with fabric strips at the side, for use in construction and movement joints and for the connections and ends of sheet waterproofing membranes. Get latest prices, models & wholesale prices for buying Sika Waterproofing Chemicals. Contact Us. Follow Us Sika at a glance About Us Target Markets Jobs Use. Waterproofing Direct is a leading distributor of waterproofing products. Use the notched trowel to spread mortar over the entire shower floor, then press a sheet of waterproof membrane into the wet mortar. With that in mind, Sarnafil® manufacturing Sika® Canada. 22. Waterproofing CAVITY DRAINAGE SYSTEM An L shaped 500 x 500mm for use around the perimeter. roof is one where the waterproofing membrane of cold applied roof waterproofing products roof. Sika wanted to provide the best working environment for its leaders of tomorrow, in order to support and encourage collaborative working, information exchange and very importantly innovation Sika offers a full range of cementitious, acrylic & polyurethane waterproofing solutions for use under protective coats. Sikalastic®-560 is an eco-friendly liquid applied waterproofing membrane, designed as a reflective waterproofing solution to enhance energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs. We adopt most stringent quality control procedure to all our products to ensure the best grade of all products. Compatible  Repair mortar formulated for overhead, vertical or horizontal use Sika provides comprehensive solutions to waterproofing problems with maximum protection. For conventional protected system, you can still use our Sika BituSeal series The systems incorporate our unique waterproofing membrane Decothane Balcons – a high performance waterproofing solution that utilises a moisture-triggered curing system. and work well into the substrate The Sika® Tricoflex® bonded sealing system is extremely easy to use. Besides the brand Sika, more than 600 product brands are in use including Sikaflex, SikaTack, Sika ViscoCrete, SikaBond, Sikafloor, Sika CarboDur Sikagard, Sika MaxTack, Sikaplan, Sikament, Sikadur, SikaLastic, SikaRoof MTC, Sika Unitherm and Sika Sarnafil. • Available in 1 x 25m roll. S. Pool, Pond and Tank Lining. hot-applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane is a 100% solids blend of asphalts, synthetic rubber polymers, and filler formulated to provide toughness with flexibility and low moisture vapor permeance. Characteristics / advantages: ́ Smooth, dense surface with a silky, matt finish Sika Sarnafil® Green Roof – Extensive . SikaFuko® Injection hose Ready to use and re-injectable injection hose, cast in concrete. As part of the Krystol Leak Repair System, Krystol Repair Grout is a crystalline concrete waterproofing product that stops the flow of water to permanently repair leaking cracks, holes and joints in concrete, and can also be used to resurface and waterproof defective, damaged or deteriorating concrete. : Building Construction - Waterproofing of basements against dampness, ground water and water pressure, inside and outside Waterproofing. We have more than twenty years of experience in the building industry, which makes us one of the trusted waterproofing concrete suppliers in Australia. It is to be used as a basecoat on cement-based substrates and plaster, gypsum board or plasterboard, anhydrite screeds or concrete. Sika® SealTape S. Jul 27, 2016 · The dual Sika waterproofing system includes both SikaProof fully bonded membrane and Sika Watertight Concrete. Sika Sarnafil uses only the highest quality raw materials to produce its membranes. Single ply waterproofing systems manufactured by Sika-Trocal, can achieve up to an A+ rating (the highest possible rating) when used in a warm roof build up and depending on the construction. Characteristics and Advantages Waterproofing Bridge Decks. ®. Follow Us. , Sika Sarnafil produces Sarnafil and Sikaplan membranes. Sika waterproofing experts are able to Sika 10. Our staff is here to help you in any way that we can. • 1. Sika Injection-306 can also be used for the repair by injection of damaged waterproofing membranes (single and double layer system) Characteristics and Advantages. This is important for liquid containing structures, such as reservoirs, for keeping the water in and for other structures, such as foundations and basements, for keeping the water out. Sika® -1 is chloride free and being non-toxic in a cement mortar, is suitable for contact with potable water. Sika Limited have a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the requirements and typically areas of application Use. With improved performance and advanced adhesion properties, it can be directly applied as joint waterproofing or over crack zones preventing leakage occurrence. The system is primarily intended for plaza decks, split slabs, parking decks, tunnels, planters, balconies and terraces, and roofing applications Sika Level Primer is a one-part, water-dispersed and solvent-free, acrylic-based solution used to prime and seal floor surfaces prior to the application of Sika Level Self Leveling Underlayment. WATERPROOFING MEMAKAI BAHAN SIKA/FOSROC The information, and, in particular, the recommendations relating to the application and end-use of Sika. Waterproofing . Available at hardware stores Sika one-or two-comonent watertight mortars are of high quality with specific approval for use in contact with potable water. Use Part of the Sika-1® Structural Waterproofing System: Sika®-1. Bridge Decks. Sika Singapore Pte Ltd 66A Sungei Kadut Street 1 Singapore 729368 Tel: +65 6368 Waterproofing of new and old concrete structures is often done by watertight mortars and cementitious polymer modified renderings, either hand or spray applied. It is a rigid and integral The Sika Sarnafil Self-Adhered Sheet Waterproofing System is designed to protect structures from the effects of water infiltration leading to structural deterioration and interior water damage. Sika offers a full range of cementitious, acrylic and polyurethane waterproofing solutions for use under protective coats. Sikalastic 745 AL 17. 1) or devised as a water impermeable concrete structure from the very outset. Sika® BituSeal T – 130 SG (0°C) (SA) is a torch-on sheet waterproofing membrane that is flexible to 0°C. Listed manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters are offering best deals for sika waterproofing chemicals. RedGard waterproofing membrane is an easy-to-install solution to prevent water leaks through horizontal and vertical installations. This system supplies two layers of waterproofing to provide the utmost protection. Sikafloor® 265 is able to operate as a waterproofing and crack-isolation membrane. E. Sika Product Finder - This mobile app brings the Sika product catalog to your fingertips. SIKALASTIC®-560 | Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane. Wash hands, forearms and face thoroughly after handling chemical products Find details of companies offering sika waterproofing chemicals at best price. Sika Near East s. g. Benefits : 2 component waterproofing system. Highly elastic Waterproofing • Coatings and Hydraulic Cements • Late 60 – mid 75’s • NA Manufacturer’s Establish – Xypex, Kryton, Others follow • Mid 80’s to Mid 90’s • Crystalline Admixture introduced • 2005 – 2010 Majors Introduce Crystallines – BASF, Sika, Chryso The History of Crystalline Waterproofing Crystalline Waterproofing Sika Tanzania Construction Chemicals Limited Please use this contact form for inquiries : Waterproofing and protection Sabharwal Trading Company - offering Liquid Sika Cim Waterproofing Chemicals, 20kg at Rs 1800/20 ltr drum in New Delhi, Delhi. In practice, the differences in materials, substrates Waterproofing. Sika 1 Prebagged Render Mortar is BBA Approved. Find here Sika Waterproofing Chemicals dealers, retailers, stores & distributors. Highly elastic, crack bridging, seamless waterproof membrane; Excellent adhesion to porous and non-porous substrates, use in highly exposed conditions Waterproofing should not be confused with roofing, since roofing cannot necessarily withstand hydrostatic head while waterproofing can. SIKA® PLUG is a rapid setting mortar to cover negative pressure water inlet through cracks, gravel niches & casting joints. Around all types of penetrations and construction joints. Flexible to bridge hairline crack. Get in touch. Adjustable curing time between 8 and 50 minutes; Permanently elastic, can absorb limited movements Besides the brand Sika, more than 600 product brands are in use including Sikaflex, SikaTack, Sika ViscoCrete, SikaBond, Sikafloor, Sika CarboDur Sikagard, Sika MaxTack, Sikaplan, Sikament, Sikadur, SikaLastic, SikaRoof MTC, Sika Unitherm and Sika Sarnafil. They're readily available from suppliers of masonry products, and they're easy to mix and apply. The top supplying countries or regions are China, Malaysia, and South Korea, which supply 91%, 2%, and 1% of sika waterproofing respectively. Joint sealing solutions are recommended for use in all kinds of construction and joints for waterproofing. They are part of the Sika® Dilatec® System. 360° rotating cradle Sika® ViscoFlow® 3000. Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged System. The standards for waterproofing bathrooms in domestic construction have improved over the years, due in large part to the general tightening of building codes. Sika/Emseal Sole-Source Waterproofing Systems. USES Sika BlackSeal® Protection Sheet has been designed to provide protection of construction waterproofing sys- The Sikadur Combiflex® SG system includes Sikadur Combiflex® SG tape and Sikadur® adhesives. Mixing the Sika® Tricoflex® FU 60 system adhesive • 2. Sika® Waterproof Concrete Sika® WT-220 PMY has been formulated for use in concrete with minimum cement content of 350 kg/m³ and a maximum water-cement ratio (w/c) of 0. Sika Liquid Plastics are specialists when it comes to GRP Roof Edge Trims, and are able to supply you with a comprehensive range of Termination Bars, Counter Flashing Trims and International and External Corners. Their products include joint sealants and adhesives, roofing systems, anchoring and injection resins, concrete repair mortars and additives, self-levelling screeds, underlayments and primers, crack injection, expansion foams and accessories, as well as ®n Do not use Sika Armatec® 110 EpoCem as a bonding agent with SikaQuick® 1000. Sika-Trocal supplied the waterproof solution for a multiple roof installation at a high-end care home development which was stunning in appearance, performance and complexity. Table 1 contains a list of the most important waterproofing systems for the closed construction method. The Tricof-lex® system is applied in 5 simple steps, which are shown in the pictures. use as a waterproofing membrane for pedestrian and vehicular traffic bearing surfaces. is a cold-applied, solvent-free, single-component concrete waterproofing compound. HYDRALASTIC 836. The use of the Sika® Watertight Concrete System is not only cost-effective, but when used in lieu of secondary waterproofing systems eliminates the use of oil-based and other synthetic products such as membranes, greatly reduces waste on site, reduces vehicle movements to site and is 100% recyclable. Sika 1 Render Mortar is part of the Sika 1 Structural Waterproofing System and is the second layer of the wall render system. 6 gal kits ASTM C 957 Sikalastic 745 AL is a two-component, 100% solids, fast curing aliphatic polyurethane top coat designed for use as a waterproofing membrane for pedestrian and vehicular traffic bearing surfaces. Basement and other Concrete Structures. Sika® Lite-101 is a ready to use waterproofing powder admixture for cement/sand mortars. Sika 1 Finishing Mortar is part of the Sika 1 Structural Waterproofing System and  Aug 24, 2016 Sikalastic-560 applied as roof waterproofing at Dubai construction site of old walkable roofs use Sikalastic membrane as reinforcement over  Mar 7, 2019 Sika/Emseal Sole Source Traffic Deck Waterproofing and Expansion Joints Or use the “Sample Request” link from the Product Literature . Fixit since a while. S. Ideal for mechanical equipment rooms and floors in interior spaces where humidity and temperature are micro-controlled. Whilst effectively blocking the passage of water, the substrate remaims breathable. Pot Life 35 minutes at 20oC, at higher temperature consult Sika Technical Services. Based on special cements and admixtures to provide a water and damp proof finish. BS The invention of a waterproof sealing mortar by Kaspar Winkler in 1910 was the foundation of Sika's successfull track record in waterproofing worldwide. Pre-batched components, hence ready to use. SikaProof® A is a fully and permanently bonded, self-adhesive, composite sheet membrane waterproofing system for reinforced concrete structures. When combined these synergies present the opportunity to provide single source responsibility to property owners for comprehensive building waterproofing. 1 Sika Waterproofing Systems consist of four pre-bagged cementitious mortars for use with. Protection of concrete structures against the effects of de-icing salts and freeze-thaw attack. With nearly 50 years of experience in the production and use of thermoplastic waterproofing membranes and systems, Sika Sarnafil The Sikadur Combiflex® SG system includes Sikadur Combiflex® SG tape and Sikadur® adhesives. The proper Waterproofing. Used as a waterproof sealant & protective coating. 2016/ LIQUID APPLIED WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE FOR ROOFS . 23. Get best price and read about company and get contact details and address. Interior and exterior waterproofing and damp-proofing of concrete, cementitious rendering, brickwork and blockwork. Packaging: 5 kg bottle can. e. Sika Primer 11W. Sika® Bituseal T-130 SG. With excellent adhesion, dirt resistance, paintability and the ability to be immersed in water after curing without affecting its properties, Sikaflex remains unmatched. When Emseal and Sika came together, it was under the recognition that the combined entities possessed unique synergies. Sika has a wide range of products designed to make concrete and masonry impermeable to water. Fixation: Sika® Injectoflex-System Type HP and Type NS. As a Quality Control Engineer I have been working with these waterproofing brands as BASF/Sika/ Fosroc/ Dr. Sika MonoTop®-109 WaterProofing is a ready to use [just add water], high quality, thin waterproof slurry coating, based on special cements and admixtures to provide a water resistant and damp- proof finish. Our operatives have also attended training in the use of Sika, CETCO, Adcos, MC Building Chemicals and many other waterproofing materials. doc May 2005 Uniclass EPIC L6813 F83 CI/SIB Y (L34) JOINTS Detailing Sheet No 1 The accompanying sketches are indicative of various types of joints. :Use only with adequate ventilation. on the Sika Thailand Sika Thailand. Sika®-4a RAPID SETTING WATERPROOFING ADMIXTURE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sika®-4a is a rapid setting waterproofing admixture. We specialize in building stones. It also improves the performance and application of Sika®-1. SCHÖNOX iFIX and SCHÖNOX AB The design of a new Sika's office center is based on the flexible use of space for multiple functions, reflecting the values and strengths of the company. Supplied in pre-batched red banded bags for easy identification and use. a. waterproof Roofing Waterproofing | Sika Egypt for Cons. Established in late 1998, Sika Near East s. | ID: 15898783988 Now available as a BBA approved structural waterproofing system the Sika®-1 Pre-Bagged Waterproofing System consists of watertight renders and screeds produced using the Sika®-1 Waterproofing Liquid and Sika®-1 Pre-Batched Mortars. 06 Exposures and Stress. Uses Sep 27, 2017 · However, my recommendation is that you do use fabric reinforcement in the corners of the shower pan and around the drain and any other critical area when using liquid waterproofing products. Sika Sarnafil waterproofing membranes can be tailor-made to the needs of architects and clients, realizing creative designs and presenting an aesthetic roof appearance. Social Media Imprint Legal Notice Terms and Conditions Sika Australia About us Flexible, waterproofing membranes. Sikalastic® 710/715. IndiaMART would like to help you find the best suppliers for your requirement. Swellstop is a water-swellable, waterproofing sealant designed for use on many types of pouredin-place and below grade precast concrete applications. Sika AG is the legal entity for the holding company, which includes the Sika 2 Guide Specifications: Sika Sarnafil THERMOPLASTIC SHEET WATERPROOFING SECTION 071354 SIKA SARNAFIL ® SELF-ADHERED WATERPROOFING SYSTEM. 1 million upgrade and refurbishment. A Sika Sarnafil waterproofing roofing system has proved to be the perfect fit for The Donyngs Leisure Centre, Redhill following a major £4. If you plan to use this material, a long-handled brush will make your life easier. Sika Damp Proof Slurry DPM 25kg SKDPSLUR25 Sika Damp Proof Slurry DPM 25kg MPN: SKDPSLUR25 Barcode: 5055047201021 Product Description: Sika Damp-proofing Slurry is a ready to use (just add water), Its a high quality, thin layer waterproof slurry coating. Since rooftop is the area that mostly exposed to weather & UV, we recommend you to use our waterproofing products that has UV resistance, they are Sika RainTite series, Sikalastic series, dan Sika Sarnafil series. When mixed with ordinary Portland cement and wa-ter, it sets rapidly to seal areas of severe water infiltra-tion through concrete, rock or masonry. We are registered installers for Sika, CETCO Europe Ltd and Koster waterproofing products. The foundation of your home begins with your basement. Tunnel. SIKA WET ROOM SYSTEM BROCHURE Product solutions for waterproofing. 10. • Waterproofing bearing walls. □ Can be  5. Our new pre-mixed formula saves time and makes quality control easier. Sika South Africa About us Sika Group Products Waterproofing. Sika® Roofseal is a waterproofing coating; Sika® Roofseal is a brush applied decorative treatment for old or new roofs of most normal roofing materials including concrete; Sika® Roofseal provide optimum technical and design versatility due to which difficult curvatures such as arches, etc. It’s too critical of an area to take a chance on. Benefits: Sika® ViscoFlow® 3000 utilises fast adsorption polymers resulting in highly efficient dispersion of the admixture and potential reduction in mixing time. Some application examples • lower than +5°C or on freezing surfaces or if the Cold waterproofing masonry, or concrete poured over bare ground. Specification. USES Sika®-4a is used as preliminary waterproofing work on A s the second step of the Sika 1 Waterproofing System, add an intermediate (or 'body') coat of Sika-1 Render Mortar to produce a waterproof rendering mortar. Waste Water Treatment Plants. • Waterproofing flat or curved surfaces on structures below ground level, such as man-made tunnels and underpasses. Qatar Directory - Online Business, Oil, Gas, Industrial & Manufacturers Directory in Doha-Qatar. Ready to use (just add water), high quality, thin waterproof slurry coating, based on special cements and admixtures to provide a water resistant and damp-proof finish. Product   Item 1 - 12 of 393 Use voucher code SIKA10 to get 10% off your order today. Damp-Proofing  Find Sika Corporation and its complete list of construction products on BuildSite. Sika provides a full range of waterproofing solutions for different requirements in basement construction and refurbishment. Waterproofing tape with woven bonding mesh on each side and an elastic expansion zone in the middle, to be used as a component of a composite sealing system in conjunction with waterproof tile adhesive and ceramic tiles to achieve water tightness in wet rooms and around wet areas. Standard Application. Sika Bar Code Scanner - Application that reads QR codes and Barcodes. Supplied in pre-batched brown banded bags for easy identification and use. Used by professional and DIYers. Can I use SikaflexFC as a bond breaker? I think I understand the principles of waterproofing. Work on the project is currently under way and the waterproofing experts at SIG Construction Accessories will deliver specified Sika products to the build. Use as a primer/sealer for absorbent substrates including concrete and cement screeds. can be protected and waterproofed use of Sika products, are given in good faith based on Sika's current knowledge and experience of the products when properly stored, handled and applied under normal conditions in accordance with Sika’s recommendations. Rapid setting waterproofing admixture Sikadur®-31 DW. Sika provides solutions for even the most challenging requirements with its unique waterproofing product portfolio, contributing to efficient, long-lasting infrastructure, be it for drinking water facilities (fulfilling the most stringent drinking water approvals), tunnels, bridges, basements or balconies. Sika 1 Spritz and Bonding Coat Mortar is part of the Sika 1 Structural Waterproofing System and is the first layer of the render or screed system. -618. 1 fl. Waterproofing for wet areas Wet rooms have to withstand highest requirements. Dec 11, 2017 · Sika is committed to proven & economic water-tight solutions even for the most challenging requirements. Smooth the membrane with the trowel. C836 / C836M-18 Standard Specification for High Solids Content, Cold Liquid-Applied Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane for Use with Separate Wearing Course hydrostatic pressure~ high-solids content~ wearing course~ decks~ waterproofing membranes~ ~ elastomeric products~ There are 196 sika waterproofing suppliers, mainly located in Asia. SikaTop® Seal-107 must cure for a minimum of 7 days before over-coating. Cementitious products are probably the easiest waterproofing materials to use. All information provided by Sika Corporation (“Sika”) concerning Sika products, including but not limited to, any recommendations and advice relating to the application and use of Sika products, is given in good faith based on Sika’s current experience and knowledge ROOFING GREEN ROOF SOLUTIONS WITH Sarnafil® ROOFING GREEN ROOF SOLUTIONS WITH Sarnafil® Sarnafil® MANAGEMENT PROVEN MATERIALS A high quality membrane is the key to any successful roof-ing or waterproofing project that demands absolute sys-tem integrity. I hv write these name as per my preference with their product performance. Sika Canada offers an extensive catalogue of products created for both the professional contractor and the everyday homeowner. The seal must be capable of accommodating the anticipated joint opening and closing due to static reasons or temperature changes. Sika Tunneling & Mining stands for practical solutions in underground construction, today and tomorrow. Get latest details on Sika Waterproofing Chemicals prices, models & wholesale prices in Kolkata, West Bengal Waterproofing Admixtures Tile Adhesives & Grouts Bonding Agent Sika Plastocrete Super 1 Sikacim Sika Noleek SikaTop Seal 107 Sika Raingard Sika Damprof Sika Latex Power / Sika SBR 100 Sika Raintite I Sika Cracksil Acrylic Paste / Sika Rustoff 100 Sika Rustop Sika Multigard Sika Wall Décor / Sika Wall Décor #/ Sika Wall Décor I SikaTite® BE is a water based waterproof membrane. Sin El Fil -Jisr El Bacha Sector 5, Road 70, Sika’s expertise is combined with more than 100 years of ex- perience from all around the world, in providing successful waterproofing solutions for building basements and below ground civil engineering structures, such as tunnels and water retaining structures. It comes in the form of a milky liquid. Sika-1 integral waterproofing admixture and Sika. Sika-Hydrotite CJ-Type has the property to absorb water, thus producing self expansion pressure which closes the water path for effective sealing. Sika Liquid Plastics is the UK's leading manufacturer of liquid roof membranes and pioneers of cold applied roofing systems Check out our range of Waterproofing & Sealing products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. We carry only the Repair & Protection, Sealing & Bonding, Anchoring & Grouting, Waterproofing, Structural Strengthening SIKA Construction products. Sika Ethiopia - Sika Abyssinia Chemicals Manufacturing PLC | Sika Abyssinia Sika Corporation, based in Lyndhurst, NJ, is a leading supplier of specialty chemical products and industrial materials serving construction and industrial m Find here Sika Waterproofing Chemicals dealers, retailers, stores & distributors. Packaged in 4 Waterproofing is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water- resistant so In construction, a building or structure is waterproofed with the use of membranes and . Sydney has some rain forecast for this coming weekend, and after that there's around 2 weeks of dry weather coming, so that's probably the best time to get it applied. Recognized as a leader in the development of value-added products, Sika is committed to renew and improve its products, systems and procedures. Below-grade waterproofing, tunnel waterproofing, bridge deck waterproofing, water tanks, wet room waterproofing, ponds, reservoirs, dam construction swimming pools, industrial facilities Sika® Latex Power 1 ® 1/3 n Sika Latex Power Sika® Latex Power SBR based multipurpose polymer for waterproofing and repair Product Description Sika® Latex Power is a synthetic rubber emulsion which when added to cement slurry/ cement mortar/concrete/grout provides good adhesion and water resistance. We consider the entire waterproofing process to the very last detail and can provide solutions for both new build and refurbishment projects. It is used to waterproof cement/sand mortars, screeds and renders for walls, facades, floor toppings and jointing mortars. The maintenance free, pre-mixed waterproofing system that’s guaranteed when the product is installed by a registered contractor. Additionally, when used in conjunction with water-proof tape or appropriate mastic compounds, Sika BlackSeal® Protection Sheet provides an excellent primary water barrier. Sika New Zealand Sika Group Waterproofing DIY - Trade Tiling Systems Emseal expansion joints and pre-compressed sealants are now available from Sika NZ. SikaTop® Seal-107 can be over-painted using solvent based primers or coatings. I don’t care what they say on the instructions. Sika Solution Products used: Volume supplied: Substantial waterproofing work carried out in the two base tunnels Lötschberg and Gotthard represents a further milestone for the use of SikaPlan products and systems. Sarnafil Roofing Membrane The Sarnafil G Membrane is a thermoplastic PVC roof membrane used in adhered systems. If user operations generate dust, fumes, gas, vapour or mist, use process enclosures, local exhaust ventilation or other engineering controls to keep worker exposure to airborne contaminants below any recommended or statutory limits. It has a sand broadcast surface and the reverse is faced with a polyethylene film to ease installation works. Waterproofing of joints Sika Waterbar® Joint profiles on base of thermoplastic PVC and FPO for water- proofing of construction and expansion joints. Easy to apply. Sika®-1. Find here Sika Waterproofing Chemicals dealers, retailers & distributors in Kolkata, West Bengal. The key function of joint sealing is to minimize water ingress and create a secure waterproofing barrier. These slurry applied surface waterproofing mortars like SikaTop Seal 107, had very low water permeability and could also be spray applied. By continuing to use our site, you Use. Sika® -1 is used in building and civil engineering construction, e. 08 Project Requirements and Use of Waterproofing System. oz. Pipe and steel work. UNDER TILE WATERPROOFING SYSTEM. It is based of APP (atactic polypropylene) modified bitumen, reinforced with polyester non-woven fabric. It is ready to use and requires no dilution. Sika 1 Prebagged Render Mortar is a factory proportioned, prebagged powder component used with Sika 1 Liquid and water as the guaging liquid for producing waterproof rendering mortars as the intermediate or 'body' coat of the Sika 1 Waterproofing System. Sika-1 Finishing Mortar is part of the Sika-1 Structural Waterproofing System and is the third layer of the render system. Sika one- or two-component watertight mortars are of high quality with specific approval for use in contact with potable water. Sheet Membranes Hight quality sheet waterproofing membranes. Install the preformed curb, covering it with mortar and waterproof membrane. Once all the mortar has cured, tiling can commence. A s the second step of the Sika 1 Waterproofing System, add an intermediate (or 'body') coat of Sika-1 Render Mortar to produce a waterproof rendering mortar. It is also recommended for elevates road-ways, bridge ramps etc. Hot air welding with no flame. 10 Sika  SikaTop® Seal 107. We would like to welcome you to the Sika Distributor / Supplier Center web site. A. In the U. Sika® BituSeal S-115 is a post applied self-adhesive waterproofing sheet membrane. 45, with a minimum consistency class of S3 (EN 206-1). Our skilled technicians receive on-going training to deliver the highest standard of workmanship every time. Chem. Khushi Ram & Company, Chandigarh, India. With more than 100 years of experience in Structural Waterproofing, Sika is the reliable partner for all of the parties involved in any project. This was one of the Sika AG’s steps in its developement of the company on the African Continent. Construction joints in cable ducts, etc. Sika Primer-11 W is a primer based on organic copolymers and specific additives in a water emulsion. To view the typical Green Guide ratings list for Sika-Trocal Single Ply systems, The full ratings are available on the BRE Green Guide to Specification wATERPROOFING SIKA SOluTIONS FOR BElOw GROuND STRuCTuRES wATERPROOFING SIKA SOluTIONS FOR BElOw GROuND STRuCTuRES BASEMENT WATERPROOFING CONCEPT BS 8102:2009 outlines three different waterproofing methods, the choice of which should take all of the relevant project requirements into consideration. In clothing Sika®-1 Structural Waterproofing System g:\Technical\Business Units\Construction\Waterproofing\Sika-1 De tailing Sheets etc\Complete doc of all detailing sheets prebatc hed. Water damage prevention is active from both sides of the RedGard membrane. When mixed with Sika 1 Waterproofer Liquid Admixture it produces part of a complete structural waterproofing system for I'll call Sika today and discuss further with them. These products can be applied with exposed system. Sika MonoTop 109 WaterProofing Mortar is a one-component cement based premixed mortar with brushable consistency. Using RedGard under floor and wall tile will create a barrier that will be undisturbed after the tile is installed and grouted. . Reduction in energy costs whilst producing a superior product. Sikalastic 720 Base 20 gal kits ASTM C 957 Sikalastic 720 Base is a two-component, 100% solids, fast curing polyurethane base coat designed for use as a waterproofing membrane for pedestrian and vehicular traffic bearing surfaces. The waterproofing products will be used to seal the basement car park’s concrete slab and reinforced concrete walls. May 13, 2018 · A company is as good as the product that they manufacturer it’s like asking which is a better brand “ Mercedes, BMW or Audi “ I use waterproofing products manufactured by all these above companies , because specific products of each company is bet Sikalastic®-488/488SL is a high performance, polyurethane waterproofing membrane designed for waterproofing all areas of a building. Krystol Repair Grout™ Krystol Leak Repair System. Cracks and water leaks are two of the most common issues but with Sika's waterproofing and crack repair products, you can protect your home. Traffic Coatings - Traffic Coatings - Dampproofing and Waterproofing. Bituminous waterproofing · Building insulation · Durable water repellent (DWR) coatings; IP Code · Sika AG · Soundproofing · Truscon  22 Basement Waterproofing Systems – Overview and Selection Guide. We, Bitumas Waterproofing as a leader in distribution of waterproofing products provides a wide range of waterproofing products namely, from Sika Waterproofing, Bostik, our own brand Syngard and Syncoat, and a wide range from other reputable waterproofing manufacturers. Sika® Bituseal BD is specially formulated for the waterproofing of bridge decks, viaducts, aquaducts and also for new roofing and re-roofing. Conventional Assembly DISCLAIMER. The substrate must be clean, sound with no loose or friable material, and free from any contaminants. General and structural waterproofing admixture Sika®-4a. Sika is the world leading waterproofing company producing innovative & high quality waterproofing products since 1910. Sika® BituSeal S-115 is designed for use as an underlayer in fully  Wholesale Trader of Sika Waterproofing Chemicals - Sika 4a Water Stop Minimum Order Quantity 1 Litre; Usage/Application Industrial; Type Blend of  Sikalastic. Power wash and use Sika® Biowash as required – allow to dry. Waterproofing expertise from SIG CA. Sealing: Construction joints. Waterproofing systems and their use with typical excavation requirements  04 Waterproofing Solutions for Potable Water Reservoirs. LOGO Sika’s solutions cover the full range of technologies used for below-ground waterproofing: flexible membrane systems, liquid applied membranes, waterproofing admixtures for mortars, joint sealants, waterproof ready-to-use mortars, injection grouts and coatings. Our balcony systems can be installed over most existing surfaces, eliminating the costs and inconvenience associated with breaking out and disposing of the old material. The product is suitable for use in tropical and hot climatic conditions. When mixed with the diluted Sika® 1 liquid waterproofing admixture they provide the multicoat For use on concrete, brick and structural blockwork. Characteristics and Advantages. 24 Repair . Sika Limited Watchmead By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. early stage of the C421 & C422 package, Sika was quick to secure in the supply of the Sika® Injectoflex HP and SikaSwell® P-Profiles Type 2507H for the cut & cover tunnel packages through proactive site trial demonstration on our injection hose system which is the first to use in such project. Sika-1 is the basis of the internationally known Sika Structural Waterproofing System, which is completely suited to most types of brick and concrete structures subjected to water pressure and dampness both internal and external sources. Sika is committed to providing proven and economic watertight solutions for even the most challenging requirements. Sika provided a wide range of solutions for this project, including waterproofing systems, grouts, wood floor bonding systems etc. l. Sika AG is the legal entity for the holding company, which includes the Sika Allied Building Products: distributor of roofing, siding, waterproofing, interior products, windows, skylights, doors, tools & more to residential & commercial building contractors Allied Building Products: Vendors > Sika Corporation > Waterproofing 20. tion waterproofing systems against physical damage. Formerly known as Sika MiniPack Waterproofing Mortar. It is unlikely that you could ever find another partner with such a complete range of waterproofing systems and products, technical support and on-site experience. In the 1970s Sika first developed special one- and two-component, ready to use waterproofing mortars. SikaSwell® P Profiles. Sika-1 is a liquid, ready-to-use, waterproofing compound which reacts with the constituents of a sand-cement mix to block capillaries and pores. Good adhesion to various substrates. It consists of an embossed polyolefin (FPO) based membrane laminated with a sealant grid and a nonwoven fleece. Waterproofing Sika Distributors Please use this contact form for inquiries : Discover Sika'S initiative to share advanced concrete technologies Sika develops and markets numerous admixtures and additives for use in concrete, cement and mortar production. It is used as waterplug to stop pressure leaks and seepage through rock and concrete, as well as through joints between concrete and steel (bolt surroundings, ducts, sheet piles etc) in subways, culverts, tunnels, dams, basements, pools, etc. Used prior to applying Sika Bituseal Sika Ethiopia, subsidiary of Swiss concern Sika AG, was established in 2015. Sika -1 is a normal setting, liquid waterproofing admixture that reacts chemically with the constituents of Portland cement composites, such as mortar and concrete, blocking the capillaries and pores that form against the passage of water, whilst still allowing the substrate to breathe. Waterproofing of below ground structures and water retaining structures can only be achieved by careful design, the right choice of waterproofing materials plus professional workmanship with quality control on site. Standard Engineered for smooth and precise material delivery the caulk gun is easy to use and produces great results. Sika Lite-101. The mortars consist of a blend of special cement and kiln dried graded aggregates. This guide specification is intended for intensive or extensive green roof applications but may be used for waterproofing plaza decks, split slab parking decks, tunnels, earth covered roof structures, balconies and terraces, planters and roofing Sika Latex® High Performance Water Resistant Bonding Agent and Mortar Improver Product Description SikaLatex® is a synthetic rubber emulsion for adding to cement mortars where good adhesion and water resistance are required. On exposure to water it will begin to swell to seal any exposed gaps in concrete joints. Drinking and Clean Water Storage. PRIOR TO EACH USE OF ANY SIKA PRODUCT, THE USER MUST ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW THE WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PRODUCT’S MOST CURRENT PRODUCT DATA SHEET, PRODUCT LABEL AND SAFETY DATA Lanko waterproofing products range from cementitious to water-based polymer and act as concrete seal to prevent water leakage i. 1) Apply Sikalastic® FTP primer with a flat squeegee or roller at approximately 300 sqft/gal. Show product description Sika Pro Select Sealants For over a century, Sikaflex polyurethane sealants have been the product of choice in many high profile construction projects. Joint sealing products like sealing tapes, tile grouts as well as silicones round the wet room system off and meet highest standards. Qatar Business, Oil, Gas and Industrial Directory brings you online information in a comprehensive search experience for companies Information, Business Activities, Brands, Products, Tenders, Projects Information, Jobs, Recruitments, Events, Training, News and Reports in one user friendly interface Top coat designed for use as a waterproofing membrane for pedestrian and vehicular traffic bearing surfaces. Sika ComfortFloor® PS-23 Sikafloor® MultiDur EB-24 Sika ComfortFloor® PS-23 is a highly elastic, decorative, poly-urethane flooring system, which is ideal for use in healthcare (hospitals), educational (schools), commercial and residential buildings. In addition to packing effect Sika-Hydrotite expands itself as it absorbs water and fills up concrete joints gaps conforming to the gap variations and thus ensuring excellent sealing. WHERE TO USE • Waterproofing foundations. Adhered System. The Sika White Box Concept is one of Sika`s waterproofing solutions to improve the internal living environment with increased comfort and options for use. sika waterproofing how to use